A new take on thrifting

When Jas Gill, a retired social worker returned home from her yearly trip to Maui she felt the urge to do something. With no specific intention, she began cleaning her house. It was to her utter surprise that she found an immense amount of Indian garments, and religious articles that were no longer being put to use. This was her call to do something for her community. She immediately called her friend at the Surrey Memorial Hospital, where she had been an active volunteer for quite some time to inquire about a medium in which she would be able to put all this stuff to good use. She was further directed to Life Recovery Thrift Store. Gill was hesitant about thrifting- she never had much exposure, however her daughter, a frequent thrifter reassured her. Life Recovery is located in Abbotsford, and is a women’s residential recovery program. The thrift store provides an avenue of funding for the operations at LIFE Recovery House. Gill was able to get in touch with the operations manager, and start up an Indian thrift room within the store. This room features an all Indian- themed thrift environment featuring everything from Indian suits and sarees to religious articles including scriptures and paintings. Jas Gill and the team at the LIFE Second Chance Store strongly urges the community take part in this great cause, and are currently asking for volunteers who will be able to assist at the store. They are also asking for donations for gently used items, and are asking shoppers to join them in the Grand Opening of their room on May 27th, 28th at 7 – 31550 South Fraser Way Clearbrook Industrial Park, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4C6.

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