Punjabi Patrika Media Ltd, a family-owned and operated business established almost two decades ago, has dedicated itself to becoming North America’s leading Punjabi-English newspaper. Andy, Pritam, Dave and Ronnie Sidhu, of Abbotsford’s Punjabi Patrika newspaper take pride in being a bilingual newspaper and are part of an exclusive “club” of less than 100 truly bilingual newspapers worldwide.

Cross Cultural Reach

We have worked tirelessly to establish a stellar reputation in both the Anglo and South Asian communities. Our mission is to provide the best value to our advertisers in reaching across cultural divides to draw customers from every sector of the Lower Mainland to their businesses, organizations, and events.

Door-To-Door Delivery

The Patrika, or The Punjabi Patrika, is distributed door-to-door in selected neighbourhoods throughout the Central Fraser Valley, as well as at advertiser locations throughout BC. Readers know to pick up their copy hot-off-the-press at their favourite pick-up location early each weekend as this sought-after publication is snapped up within a day of hitting the streets!

Good News!

We take pride in crafting our newspaper to the reader’s interests and language. Our Canadian Multiculturally adept manner ensures that our readers are drawn to timely “good news” in an easily readable fashion. The Patrika is designed for casual reading throughout the week until the next “Friday” issue is delivered, FREE, to homes and businesses.

Timely Topics for Eager Readers

Our dedicated Patrika Readers look forward to articles that pique their interests, local and regional news that affects their families’ lives, and well-written columns by renowned local writers of opinion and culture.

Helping Advertisers Penetrate with Insightful Strategies

At Punjabi Patrika Media Ltd, we help advertisers penetrate the market with insightful strategies. Contact us today, and we will set up delivery to your pick-up point. Let us know how we can help you reach your target audience! Lastly, as a community newspaper, we need you to share your news of personal and business achievement, so we can share it with your family, friends, and target market.


The Sidhu Family and Patrika Staff Team Members


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