Disinfection – Making Our Water Safe

By Pete Scales, M. Ag BSc (hon) In this modern age, in thriving communities, in developed countries, so many things in our lives are taken for granted. Case in point: safe and abundant drinking water. Safe and dare I say, abundant drinking water is generally considered the responsibility of municipalities and/or regional authorities, which in […]

{ on Mar5 2016 | in: Applying Science }

How Science Proved That Vancouver’s Insite Works

Vancouver’s safe injection site, Insite, a project that started out as an experiment, works but it took a good dose of scientific method and scrupulous data crunching to prove it. Researchers had to find a way to cut through biases of a sceptical public and a suspicious political front. Insite opened in September 2003, the […]

{ on Feb17 2016 | in: Applying Science }

Carbon Capture And Sequestration (CCS)

By Pete Scales M.Ag, BSc EP This globe of ours is heating up. And now, just a month after the historic Paris Agreement on climate change it is generally acknowledged that this temperature increase is largely man made and that we have to do something to keep the temperatures from rising more than 1.5° Celsius, […]

{ on Feb9 2016 | in: Applying Science }

CPR, AEDs And 911 Saving Lives

By Pete Scales M.Ag, BSc EP Two short, three-letter abbreviations and three numbers that when used together can save the life of a loved one or a complete stranger. CPR – Cardio (meaning heart) plus Pulmonary (meaning lungs) and Resuscitation (meaning restore) – has been around for approximately fifty years and in that time has […]

{ on Feb9 2016 | in: Applying Science }

Diabetes – The Unpleasant Neighbor In The South Asian Community

By Pete Scales M.Ag, BSc EP A sobering statistic – upwards of 20% of the adult south Asian population of BC have received diagnosis of diabetes vs around 7 % of the Caucasian population. There are many theories out there attempting to explain this very distinctive difference. They range from: perhaps the South Asian population […]

{ on Feb9 2016 | in: Applying Science | Community }


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