Tanglebank Gardens Brambles Bistro

In 1996 Arnold and Brenda Falk decided to put to use 2 acres of their 20 acres property situated in a beautiful area of West Abbotsford by using Arnold’s and Brenda’s brainwave of having a garden type eatery like the ones they have in Europe. Arnold’s passion to grow plants, herbs perennials and flowers got Brenda excited to start a nursery where she could also serve food which is grown in her own garden. So in 2004 they started the Bistro which has become the talk of the town with its beautiful setting where customers enjoy their food sitting amongst multi coloured flowers, shrubs, smell of greenery and fresh air and most importantly, enjoy fantastic food.

They have four children who have been involved with them in their project from day one but its Lauren the oldest who like her Dad was more inclined towards agriculture and in fact after 20 years manages the farm together with help from her Dad.

Brenda went on to say that besides growing nursery stock and breakfast they have also ventured into weddings where in summer they can accommodate about 140 people and in winter about 60. They also have evening events for families where they can have a crowd of 40 to 60 people. Brenda also does landscaping, designing of gardens where she uses plants and flowers from her own garden.

The Bramble Bistro is a popular place for people who like to enjoy their morning meals in the peace and quiet atmosphere of a garden. Warm and delicious meals are prepared with produce from their very own garden which is grown by Lauren and Arnold.

Brenda wears many hats besides managing their Bistro and her landscaping duties. She has been a city councillor of Abbotsford since 2014 as a member of Abbotsford First. Arnold is the one who keeps everyone grounded and does all the administrative duties. However, don’t be surprised if you find him sometimes clearing tables and doing the dishes.

Brenda had a dream to create a place where people could feel like they are on a mini holiday without having to leave Abbotsford. She said that she had read a quote some time ago,” If you don’t focus on beautiful things you lose the appreciation of all things beautiful”.

We encourage all our readers to make a trip to Tanglebank Gardens Brambles Bistro which is at 29985 Downes Road, Abbotsford. Tel: 604 856 9339

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