Sun Life Creates Awareness

By: Teji Gill, Sales Manager Sun Life Financial

At Sun Life Financial we commit ourselves to building sustainable and healthy communities for our current and future generations. Sun Life Financial recently collaborated with the Toronto Raptors for creating awareness and prevention of diabetes. Sun life’s philanthropic support focuses on two key areas: health, with an emphasis on diabetes awareness, prevention, care and research initiatives through our Team Up Against Diabetes™

There has been such an increase in diabetes and research has shown that the disease is preventable. The more common strain is Type-2, but it can be avoided with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Sun Life has committed more than $17 million to help fight this disease that is affecting so many Canadians today. (Keelaghan, 2017)

Here is some interesting statistics, “3.4 million Canadians currently suffer from diabetes and according to Diabetes Canada that more than 1 million Canadians actually have diabetes and don’t even realize it.” (Keelaghan, 2017)

While our corporate team is working diligently to create awareness on the masses, our local Fraser Valley Abbotsford office decided to get started in our own backyard! Sun Life Financial joined the Telus Walk to cure diabetes with hopes to turn this devastating disease into history, so it no longer threatens our health, our children’s, or our friends’. Last year, the Sun Life Financial Abbotsford team raised a whopping $3,650 for critical diabetes research and this year we raised $4,242.  If you would like to get involved in any upcoming fundraisers, please visit our Facebook page @fc28fraservalley. Let’s team up, lead by example and make our community healthier.

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