Sher Vancouver launches new youth initiative and how you can help!

This year for the first time Sher Vancouver participated in the Vancouver and Surrey Vaisakhi parades.  It was a pivotal and memorable moment for many of our members. 

We made history marching together in unity and solidarity as equals with the rest of the congregation.  It was the first time an LGBT South Asian group marched specifically in the Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade.

As a result of the media attention of Sher’s participation in the Vancouver and Surrey Vaisakhi parades, we received a lot of enquiries from queer South Asian youth and their families for support and assistance.

Sher has responded!

Sher has launched a monthly peer support group exclusively for queer South Asian youth between 16 to 30 years of age.

This will be a safe space for queer South Asian youth to find support and share their stories and meet new friends.

The group will meet in Surrey adjacent to King George Skytrain Station on the last Sunday of the month from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 

The inaugural meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, April 30, 2017.

The group will be led by youth for youth.  Facilitators will have been screened by Sher Vancouver.

The group will have access to Sher Founder Alex Sangha for support, assistance, guidance, and supervision.  Alex is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in B.C.  Access to information, referral, and free counselling will be made available to youth in crisis.

“It is important for Sher to respond to the needs of our community, especially to assist marginalized and vulnerable youth who may be at-risk . .  We don’t want to see anyone alone or be alone in their suffering if they are having challenges dealing with coming out, sexuality, or gender issues . . .Peer support can go a long way to help youth feel good about themselves,” states Alex.

Sher Vancouver has created a group on Facebook for invited members to find out about upcoming events and group activities.  Currently Sher has invited 65 queer South Asian people to join the group and 32 members have already joined. 

Previously Sher Vancouver launched the Out and Proud Project which profiles amazing queer South Asians from around the world to help youth coming to terms with their gender or sexual identity.  For more information on the Out and Proud Project check out



1.    If you know of any queer South Asian youth between 16 to 30 years of age who could benefit from this peer support group please put them in touch with Sher Vancouver.

2.    If you are a business and can donate money or gift cards to support the youth in the group that would be appreciated.  Sher especially would love to have some gift cards to grocery stores, coffee shops, bus tickets, or movie passes, etc to support the youth in the group.

For media enquiries and further information please contact:

Alex Sangha, MSc, MSW, RCSW

Founder of Sher Vancouver

Cell:  604-842-7340



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