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Saint Soldier & Rózsa wrote the song “Dark Shades” in an effort to spread a message of hope and self love while raising awareness around the realities of domestic abuse.

A kickstarter campaign, to fund the production of the music video, is running until December 16th.

From the valley of British Columbia comes this unique approach to speaking out against domestic violence. A song, which follows the story of a mother in an abusive marriage as she fears for her and her son’s life.

Rózsa says, “Music is an effective way to spread a message. We can only hope this song comes on strong and unveils the courage someone may need to take a step to better their lives or those around them. This isn’t just speaking to the women (or men) experiencing abuse but also to the abusers, hopefully they can see the situation in a new light.”

Saint speaks on how the song came to be: “The subject matter of domestic abuse is something I’ve personally wanted to speak on for years. I only recently found the courage to write this song, alongside my new wife, Rózsa. We wrote most of this song last year and now we have a team around us ready to shoot an impactful video, we just need help from our fans to match our grant funding from CreativeBC.”

The video is planned to have dark, yet stunning, elements. There are flashbacks, “where did I go wrong?” moments and a twist ending.

The message of hope sits pretty in Saint’s third verse,

“Diamonds that come from pressure glisten the most

but you gotta be dug up and gotta be found

and you’re the only one that can dig you up from beneath the ground”

Instead of writing about attaining diamonds, they write about creating them. Hallelujah.


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