Leadership Hopefuls Need Message of Change

By Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M Change.   It’s a good word, depending on ones level of cynicism.  Those who are optimists believe that change is possible.  Those who are pessimists tend to dismiss the notion of change as nothing more than political rhetoric.  Recognizing these two possibilities, using a message of change can be problematic […]

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Millennials and Stereotypes: Are They Fair?

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M I remember being told on numerous occasions throughout high-school that I was part of ‘Generation X’.  Born in 1981 I was part of the grad-class of 1999, and though that is almost twenty years ago I still remember clearly the various occasions my fellow classmates and I were told about […]

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Plecas, Politics and Social Media: We Can All Do Better

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M As I have written on before, though I have been a lifelong member of the Conservative Party of Canada (going back as far as pre-merger), I had at one point cancelled my membership with the BC Liberal Party.  I did so as a matter of personal loyalty and principle, putting […]

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Animal Cruelty Beyond Comprehension

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL.M I’m a cat guy.  There… I said it. Her name is Schatzi and she’s the little love of my life.  Yes, I realize by putting that in print I’m bound to get a pretty good ribbing from those who know me, but that’s okay.   My mom bought her for […]

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Plecas Leads Where Angels Fear to Tread

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. The very same day my last column hit the doorstep – a column focused on the kinds of attributes a leader should possess – Abbotsford-South MLA Darryl Plecas confirmed that he had indeed threatened to sit as an independent MLA if Christy Clark did not resign as the leader […]

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Clark’s Resignation Sets the Stage for Change

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. Today marks the last day for Christy Clark as leader of the BC Liberal Party, having announced just one week ago that she would not only be stepping down as party leader, but also as the MLA for Westside-Kelowna.   After six-years as Premier, Clark and the BC Liberals […]

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Will The Green Strategy Be Their Downfall?

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. With John Horgan having been sworn-in earlier this week as British Columbia’s new Premier, the province has now officially embarked on a new chapter of its political story.   Of course, as we all know, the reason Mr. Horgan is our new Premier is because the NDP and the […]

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Who Really Won? Reality vs. Rhetoric

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. Let me be honest with you… I hate math.  To my core, I absolutely hate math.  For some reason, I just don’t get numbers.  Don’t get me wrong… I can read financial statements and understand the fundamentals.  But actually doing calculations – not my thing!   However, I think […]

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New Conservative Leader Leaves Progressives Unsettled

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. It was December 2003 when a proposed merger between the Canadian Alliance Party and the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was ratified by their respective memberships, thus creating today’s Conservative Party of Canada.   For many of those who identified as progressive conservatives the merger was problematic.  So much […]

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Acts of Terror Remind Us of the Need for Unity and Resilience

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. Arguably, every generation has a moment that defines it.  A moment that, when you ask someone where they were and what they were doing, they can most likely tell you.  For my parent’s generation it would have been the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.  For my grandparent’s […]

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Provincial Election Results Speak to a Universal Displeasure

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. For those of us in British Columbia who are politically inclined, the May 9th provincial election results – which, at the time of this column, still remain somewhat uncertain pending absentee ballots in at least one riding where the results could change – have left a great many of […]

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Police Officers No Longer Perceived as the ‘Good Guys’?

By: Justin P. Goodrich, LL. M. Admittedly, I have a positive bias with respect to law enforcement.  My step-father is a retired Vancouver Police Detective; several of my closest friends are current police officers; and though my profession is that of a public affairs practitioner I am, academically speaking, a criminologist with an expertise in […]

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