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Growing up in a small BC town has its advantages. Forensic Investigator, Crime and Intelligence Analyst, Jan Whyte recalled she was thrilled to move to Vancouver when she left home over 40 years ago. With the move made by her family to relocate to Abbotsford, she remembers how much she missed the simple life. Jan has blended her strengths as a litigation paralegal and administrative manager for law firms to re-brand Litigation By Design Inc. as a community-based crime analysis and investigation business. Her client base is private citizens or corporations who are coping with the effects of crime.

Whyte holds a Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Forensic investigation (Crime & Intelligence Analysis). She is also a Certified Professional Coach in business values and change management, certified as a trainer for the Bar-On Emotional Intelligence program and the Spiral Dynamics social intelligence programs.  She is set to begin the final module of the Diploma (Masters) in International Arbitration at the world renowned Oxford University in Fall of 2016 – as the final piece to her eight-year quest to understand the gaps between the people seeking justice and the administration of justice in British Columbia.

The “integration puzzle” has evolved through Whyte’s combined her passion of litigation with the hope to bridge the gap to the justice system for the everyday civilian. The timing is right – In a recently launched policy change by the British Columbia, the civil justice system has been revolutionized. British Columbians are now entitled to represent themselves in court. Although there is no Access to Justice centre in Abbotsford/Chilliwack area, because of Whyte’s experience of 27 years in civil litigation she carries with her the knowledge on how to present evidence to various tribunals of this reform and is willing to share this knowledge with you free of charge.

In its low-profit sector, Litigation By Design Inc. follows a standard three step process in helping their clients. First information is gathered to confirm “What has actually happened?”  Litigation By Design to performs an independent investigation of a crime – interviewing witnesses, identifying relevant document evidence, gathering oral, digital and documentary evidence and explaining what evidence is available to support your case.

Second, the information is transformed to intelligence by asking the question “What does the evidence mean?”.  The evidence from the first step is analyzed by using specialized crime and intelligence analyst techniques including scientific processing of data and trends which are relevant to your case.

Third, the question “What may I do about it?” is addressed.  A confidential report on the evidence is prepared and provided to you. The report contains a summary of the evidence which can be used in court to support your case. The report also analyzes how the answer to the third question may impact your beliefs, lifestyle and return to functioning in society despite the presence of crime.

On a corporate level, this third step in the process may also be explored on a workshop basis.  Because all citizens in a neighbourhood or city should try to understand each other, Litigation By Design provides a Values Genome Analysis workshop which is helpful for businesses, families or neighbourhoods to assess how each set of values are either disconnected (gap) or interact (harmonize or conflict) with each others’.

Whether for the purpose of case support or neighbourhood understanding, a values assessment report provides a foundation to begin to understand each other’s points of view on workplace and justice issues.

Jan Whyte values Citizenship, Safety, Justice, Democracy, and Integration.  She hopes her plan to honour these values through her work with LitigationByDesign’s services and programs show Abbotsford residents that she is dedicated to working with the everyday civilian to integrate these and other positive justice-related values into the community.

Whyte is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and is working on various projects within the city to make Abbotsford a safe place to work, live and play.

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