Driving Success with the V2MOM: Overcoming Obstacles

By: Ashley Viens, Director of Operations, Ascension Innovation Management

Companies often find it a challenge to get their whole team moving in the right direction. What makes the V2MOM so effective is the fact that it helps individuals hold themselves accountable for delivering results, not just their manager.

The V2MOM originated at a large company called Salesforce. Everyone at Salesforce, from the first-day hire all the way up to the CEO of the company, is expected not only to write their own V2MOM but also to keep each and every one of their team members accountable to their individual and the company’s V2MOM.

The V2MOM is constantly changing, transparent, and feedback-driven process. In your company, every member of your team, in every department, should have the opportunity to weigh in on what the V2MOM contains, and how it creates alignment and unity within your company. It helps keep your team focused on primary objectives and moving in the right direction faster together.

We discuss Obstacles in this fourth installment of our V2MOM series, reviewing ways to identify what specific obstacles your company may encounter and how to handle them when they arise.

Obstacles — What challenges will impede your success?

Obstacles are the challenges, problems, issues that block your progress. You will have to overcome in order to achieve the vision for your company. “Identifying obstacles before you jump into your work helps you anticipate challenges and proactively consider how to overcome them.” Your company might encounter many obstacles, such as low employee engagement, economic downturn, or lack of resources or funding.

Studies show that employees crave alignment and purpose in their workplaces, not simply good management or clear goals. They want to feel they belong and what they do matters. But at times, certain things can get in the way of this alignment and the company’s goals.

Thinking back to the example of the welding company, you might encounter a lack of available jobs for welders, or even the specific type of welding that you do. You might find yourself with broken equipment and no plan at hand for a replacement. You might have had a project go sour and now you’re struggling to assure your new and existing clients that your work is reliable and safe.

Identify 3–5 things that you must overcome to succeed. Write down the really big barriers to your company’s success, things that will take a considerable amount of effort and planning to prevent or overcome. Things like winning over skeptical new clients and minds despite an app that flopped last year.

Don’t write down things that are simply part of the process. For example, calling suppliers isn’t an obstacle to your business success, it’s simply an activity you’ll need to do in order to do business.

When you sit down to write your V2MOM and obstacles, consider:

  • What will make things difficult as you work toward accomplishing your vision?
  • What should you be aware of to effectively overcome your obstacles?
  • What simple and specific things can you and your team do to overcome your obstacles?

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